As you may know, until the rollout of STMA’s new website, the Job Board has only been accessible to STMA members. The Job Board page is one of STMA’s most-frequently pages on the website. As this is something we feel brings a lot of value to not only our members, but to all individuals in the green industry, we have made the STMA Job Board available to the public.

To post a job, internship or resume, it’s as easy as filling out this form. You simply fill out the form, add your company’s logo and a way for an individual to submit their application, and then submit. If you are a current member of STMA, there is no cost to post and, after review, STMA will post it within 24-48 hours of submittal. For nonmembers, the fee is $60 and includes a STMA Affiliate Membership.

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